Universal Night Sight Thermal Long Range
The UNS-T/LR™ from OASYS Technology, LLC, is a high performance thermal weapon sight currently fielded by the U.S. Military. The UNS-T/LR supports long range [500 Meter+] sniper and surveillance missions effectively.
The UNS-T/LR compliments existing unity day sight systems, as well as day sights in excess of 6x magnification when used as a pass through sighting device.
The UNS-T/LR provides rapid start-up [<4 seconds], single handed operation for all controls, and will not interfere with bore sight and day sight indexing methods.

  • Sniper Magnification (6-9X)
  • Rugged design with simple menu functions
  • Water resistant
  • Operates on CR 123A battery
  • Crew Served Weapons Mountable
  • Currently Fielded by US/NATO Forces 

  • Greatly enhances vision at night or in dust or smoke conditions
  • Operates in no light without blooming effects
  • Remain covert while being able to see your target

  • Covertly locate objects without visible light
  • Hot spot and disturbed surface detection
  • Routine crime watch patrols
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Provide a clear picture day or night Monitor suspect’s day or night
  • Easily spot suspects in foliage or under vehicles
UNS-T/LR uses a 320x240 thermal detector (640x480 optional) capable of detection a man at well over 1000 meters under typical conditions.
It runs 6+ hours on (2) dl 123 batteries and has 16 verticle pixels on man size target @ 500 meters.
zero shift < ¼ moa
weapon shock: hk416, sr-25, m4, m16, ai-338, 300 winmag, xm107, m240, m2
Universal Night Sight-Long Range (Clip-On/Sniper) Includes:
Soft Carrying Case, Digital Ops Manual, 512mb USB Flash Drive, Front Objective Cover, (2) DL123 Batteries