Universal Thermal Binocular
UTB™ (Universal Thermal Binocular) from OASYS Technology, LLC. , is currently the highest performance and smallest thermal binocular available which features true 640x480 [307,200 pixel] resolution. 
An optional dual band IR and/or visible laser pointer is available Available with a choice of narrow, medium or wide FOV lenses With an operational runtime of more than 7.5 hours using (3) DL123 batteries.

The UTB also utilizes a simple menu function featuring a single button press allowing for essential operation eliminating the need to remember locations on the device for different functions while operating the system in darkness. 

  • The highest performance thermal binocular available
  • Rugged design with simple menu functions
  • Light weight, weighs 32 oz.
  • Water resistant
  • Operates for 7.5 hrs on 3 CR 123A battery
  • Can also be powered with “AA” Batteries
  • Digital video output
  • Still photo capability
  • Optional visible/IR laser pointers
  • Tripod Mountable 

  • Greatly enhances vision at night or in dust or smoke conditions
  • Operates in no light
  • Remain covert while being able to see your target

  • Covertly locate objects without visible light
  • Hot spot and disturbed surface detection
  • Routine crime watch patrols
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Provide a clear picture day or night
  • Monitor suspect’s day or night
  • Easily spot suspects in foliage or under vehicles

  • The UTB uses 640x480 thermal detector capable of detection a man at well over 2000 meters under typical conditions.              
  • runs 7+ hours on (2) dl 123 batteries
  • utilizes dl 123 or aa batteries
  • 2.2x magnification
  • thermal still photograph capture
  • external thermal video capture
  • 2 reticle selections
  • tripod interface