Remote Eyepiece Display-Imager
The new RED-I product features instant-on startup at temperatures down to -40C, extended battery life, and is compatible with both new and legacy Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) systems. The HMD attaches directly to standard-issue military helmets or protective eyewear, is thin enough to fit behind the blast visor of the cupola protective ensemble, and is backwards compatible with previous versions of the system.
OASYS’ patent-applied-for monolithic eyepiece optic provides a field of view and resolution equivalent or better than the internal TWS eyepiece while also allowing a see-through mode of operation.

Performance Specifications:
  • Up to 800x600 pixel resolution.
  • Monochrome false-white color, full color optional.
  • Brightness > 23 fL, adjustable.
  • OASYS patented see-through optics w/ “snap-cap” cover for covertness.
  • Field of view: 30°.
  • “Instant-On” at all operational temperatures.
  • RS170 video input compatible with military night sensors such as Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS).
  • Interface cables available for TWS I and TWS II video, RCA, BNC, or custom available.
  • Battery life exceeds 13 hours on single 123 Lithium 3.0v, or over 30 hours on two AA L91.
  • Remote break-away battery box with clip attaches to any outerwear and provides easy access to controls.
  • Headset mounts to eyeglass frames, Wiley-X SG1, Uvex XC, or new Oakley SI goggles for superior stability. ANVIS and direct helmet mounts available.
  • Fits underneath CPE blast visor.
  • User configurable left or right eye (no tools required).
  • Head-borne Weight < 3.5 oz.Specifications subject to change.

RED-I™ is a registered trademark of OASYS Technology LLC.