Bae Systems TWS
Thermal Weapon Sight
The thermal weapon sight (TWS) is an advanced next-generation family of thermal sights for light, medium, and heavy weapon applications. Developed in partnership with PEO Soldier Sensors and Lasers, the TWS enables individual and crew-served weapons gunners to see deep into the battlefield, increasing their surveillance and target acquisition range.

The TWS provides the warfighter with high performance in a small package size, offering a dual field of view via E- Zoom. The sights feature electronically programmable reticles, and have alphanumeric system information overlaid on the eyepiece display and analog video output.

The TWS complements current and future infantry armament, providing the warfighter the ability to reach out and overmatch the enemy in all battlefield conditions and obscurants, both day and night. The TWS has completed rigorous field testing, which has demonstrated its ability to withstand the harsh demands of the battlefield environment.

BAE Systems produces the world’s most advanced family of thermal weapon sights for the warfighter. BAE Systems’ innovative design and superior performance are backed by its world-class Vanadium Oxide microbolometer foundry and production facility.