ESP AS-60-100 or ASR-60-100
AS-60-100/L or AS-60-100/R Dimensions: width 570 x height 1000 mm in basic version, weight 3.5 kg. It is possible to adjust the width to 550mm, height can be adjusted as needed. The shield is made of  high-quality, extremely resistant polycarbonate with thickness 3mm (it can be increased upon request up to 5mm). Inner ergonomically shaped reinforcing plate dampens efficiently impacts and vibrations on holding hand. Handle is double and enables holding of the shield by both hands. V-shaped form of the shield conducts blows efficiently aside.

ASR-60-100/L or ASR-60-100/R This shield differs from the type AS-60-100 by the fact that its front face has rounded shape without any vertical edges. All other data are identical.