Fucile Mitagliatore M4 Cal. 5.56x45NATO
cal.5.56x45NATO: Slick Upper Receiver. Chrome Lined 1:7" Twist Barrel your choice of Gas Operated 10,5" - 14,5 and 16", or 12" and 16" Piston. Fire selections of Safe, Semi-auto and Full-auto, ambidextrous selector available on request. Tactical Charging Handle Assembly, Lower Receiver with SOPMOD Buttstock and Standard Trigger Group. Ships with a Sling, Operators Manual, Tactical Adjustable Rear Sight, Tactical Front Sight, (1) 30 Round Magazine, (2) Heavy Duty Push Button Swivels, Torque Wrench / Driver and (4) Rail Segments.
Extra LM8 Rail Segments, are available in different configurations as accessories.