Oshkosh JLTV
Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
The Oshkosh® TAK-4i™ intelligent independent suspension system is the next generation of the world’s most advanced, combat-proven suspension system TAK-4. TAK-4i provides Warfighters with unprecedented maneuverability and a smoother ride to reduce fatigue after traveling the world’s toughest terrains.
• 70% faster off-road speeds than today’s gold standard TWV
• 20 inches (508 mm) of usable wheel travel for improved off-road mobility
• Adaptable suspension can be raised and lowered to meet transportability
requirements using interior controls
• High-performance brake solution to provide exceptional stopping and
grade holding capability
• Unprecedented levels of off-road performance

By applying advanced components and materials, and a fully-integrated systems engineering process, Oshkosh delivers the Core1080™ crew protection system. Core1080 has been proven on multiple vehicle platforms and credited for saving thousands of troops’ lives over the past decade. Core1080 crew protection isn’t just a layer of armor or a seat – it’s a comprehensive design and testing approach that has been proven to increase survivability and give troops confidence as they complete their missions outside the wire.
• Off-road mobility and power to escape high-threat situations
• Advanced hull designs that are built to optimize survivability against
a full range of blast and ballistic threats
• Blast protected seats, restraints and stowage to minimize crew impact
during adverse events
• An integrated system designed to absorb and deflect blast energy
• Automatic fire suppression systems
• Plug and play integration of situational awareness systems