QinetiQ Talon
Rugged. Easy to Operate. Lifesaving.
Since its introduction more than a decade ago, QinetiQ North America’s TALON® family of robots has earned a reputation for durability, flexibility, modularity and performance in keeping personnel, assets and civilians out of harm’s way.

In military, law enforcement and first responder applications, these lightweight tracked vehicles are widely deployed for improvised explosive device (IED) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), reconnaissance, communications, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive)/hazmat, security, heavy lift, defense and rescue missions.Large enough to get the job done, yet small enough to be easily transported, the TALON is a remarkable achievement in robotic technology.

The TALON is fast and mobile, able to climb stairs, negotiate rock piles, overcome concertina wire and plow through snow. The robots have been used worldwide, from Ground Zero after the 2001 World Trade Center attack, to IRAQ and Afghanistan, searching for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect and assisting with security during major sporting events.

A TALON for every mission:

  • TALON Military – The original, standard TALON robot. Now IOP compatible with TALON V!  Learn more about our next generation of TALON!
  • TALON Hazmat – Configured with hazardous material detection devices
  • TALON Responder – Designed specifically for urban and public safety applications
  • TALON SWAT/MP – Equipped for tactical scenarios frequently encountered by SWAT units and MPs
  • TALON V – IOP compatible, faster, HD video camera and improved communications! Read press release.