Antenna Satellitare GATR 2.4m
The GATR 2.4 meter antenna system is GATR Technologies' flagship product. Unlike traditional rigid satellite dishes, a single-band solution of the GATR 2.4 meter antenna system can be packed into as few as two cases weighing less than 99 pounds each. A conventional rigid 2.4 meter portable system can weigh up to 1,000+ pounds and require 6-10 large cases. The GATR offers up to an up to 85% reduction in the overall size and volume between the two.

The 2.4 meter is the most popular version of the GATR antenna systems and is currently in use throughout the world. The 2.4 meter system is available in C-, X-, Ku-, and Ka-band configurations (WGS Certified X- and Ka-Bands).