Munizione Frangibile SIMUNITION Greenshield
The Greenshield® cartridge is known as the best frangible training ammunition worldwide. This truly frangible, lead-free, full-energy training ammunition, designed to reduce health and safety hazards by eliminating exposure to lead and other heavy metals. The bullet is composed of a patented polymer compound that disintegrates into powder upon impact with hard surfaces such as steel targets or backstop materials, virtually eliminating splash back and ricochet. It is truly a safe alternative to any other training rounds. This lethal cartridge is not to be fired at personnel.

Greenshield® frangible cartridges deliver equivalent accuracy and ballistic match with service ammunition out to tactical ranges, and function without any weapon modifications. The environmentally-friendly rounds generate similar recoil and noise levels to duty ammunition and are available in 9 mm for training on indoor and outdoor ranges as well as in MOUT and FIBUA environments.


Non-toxic cartridge (primer and projectile) eliminating health risk to personnel;
Equivalent accuracy and ballistic match with duty ammunition at tactical ranges;
Identical noise level, recoil and function of duty ammunition;
Reduced safety/danger zones; 
Reduced barrel wear;
No weapon modification required;
No ricochet or splash back;
Significant savings in range construction and maintenance.


Indoor or outdoor ‘green’ range;
Enclosed spaces;
Close-range shooting drills using steel targets; 
MOUT or FIBUA buildings;
Unrestricted use as duty ammunition;
Duty ammunition for SWAT teams and other emergency response units.