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SOFIC 2022 - 20 May 2022

The SOFIC, Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, was held from 16 to 19 May at the exhibition center in Tampa, Florida, under the patronage of USSOCOM, the U.S.  Special Operations Command.

The participating companies exhibited their materials both, inside the pavilions of the Tampa Convention Center, and in the neighboring outdoor spaces, including the bay where on the last day and before the closing of the event, the operators of the Armed Forces of the various nations in service at the USSOCOM, including Italy, demonstrated their intervention capabilities, simulating an HRO, Hostage Rescue Operation, with the use of land vehicles, helicopters and boats.

With the support also of the staff of PEZT Co. SRL who came from Italy, and the instructors of the PEZT Co.® TRAINING INC.  based in Marietta GA., PEZT Co.® USA LLC.  presented itself at the event exhibiting the PEZT Co.® INDUSTRIES products, among the most appreciated the reduced dimensions model TEMPESTA PFD, Personal Floatation Device, now officially used within the CNPM, Sea National Projectable Capacity program of the Defense, a MOUT made with TWS® Training Wall System® modules including the Breaching Door, now standard system for the training of the Armed Forces, and the new entry HELMET LIGHT XT-XL1, unique of its kind for the programmable IFF, Identification Friend or Foe,  beacon capability, immediately noticed by the MARSOC, the US Marine Corps Special Operations which is currently conducting a test and evaluation trail.  The USMC and other departments have also expressed considerable interest in the TWS®.


In photographs:

  • Paul, Director of Training PEZT Co.® TRAINING INC. USA, Andrea and Dario, arrived to Tampa from PEZT Co.® SRL Head Office Italy
  • PEZT Co.® INDUSTRIES model TWS®, Training Wall System® exhibit at SOFIC 2022. The Breaching Door, not visible, was installed inside the MOUT

SOFIC 2022

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