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PEZT Co.® offers solutions adapted to the needs of modern Armed Forces and Police Forces, offering a selection of the best brands of materials available on the international market, as well as customer-specific engineering solutions.

Simple systems, advanced and complex solutions, modular and interoperable and flexible, deployable at home and in operational theatres.

Ballistic protection, basic and specific equipment, maritime, underwater including armament materials, simple aiming systems, night and day optoelectronic systems and night vision equipment for Conventional Forces and Special Operations. Expeditionary solutions including command posts (TOC) and field hospitals (Role), with power generators and air conditioning systems featuring the unique IPT intelligent system. High efficiency, small and large capacity water purifiers, telecommunication (TLC) systems and equipment including SAT Antennas for special applications and operations, IFAK medical equipment, MedPack, integrated and special logistic solutions, certified for air-shipment and air-transport. Special purpose wheeled, waterborne and underwater vehicles. Counter-IED, UVG, UAG, UWV, and counter-UAV materials and technologies, integrated solutions for LVC Training and Simulation.

Logistic, technical and training support for all proposed products.